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  • Bound by bloodshed and deception, the future for both Sundaril and Liston lay in the hands of the two children who sit upon their thrones. . .

    July - August, 1047 -- Liston and Sundaril are suffering, bound by the mutual tragedy of both the Inquisition and the Plague. The countries struggle to rebuild, but while they might start out with the same problems, how they solve them reveal who they'll become.

    Two centuries of war have culminated to this, their relations growing more tangled with each passing day. Which side shall you choose?


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Marchioness Octavia Blackwood
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Marchioness Octavia Blackwood

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    Natalie Dormer


    No longer the slim, young girl she once was, Octavia is plumper from her frequent pregnancies. In addition, stretch marks line her stomach, evidence of her many children. However, these are always hidden by her clothing and never visible to anyone but her husband. Octavia also has an L-shaped scar on her right shoulder, the only remnant of Octavia's adventure in being thrown off of a horse when she was eight. Octavia also has crooked teeth that she tries to hide. Her face has become careworn over the years, caring for her large - and still expanding - brood. The newfound gravity that has found her makes her stand out as the definite matriarch of her family.

    Octavia dresses incredibly well. In light of her increasing age, she tends to wear dark or neutral colors, drawing less attention to her dress. She often wears gowns in cloth-of-gold or silver, handed down to her from her mother. She is rarely seen outside of her home without proper jewels. She is frequently seen wearing various necklaces, headdresses, bracelets and rings. Unlike other women, Octavia never removes her wedding ring from where it was placed upon her marriage (even though she did not actually receive the official ring until a year after her marriage took place). However, she has set aside much of her more elaborate jewels for her daughter, Alexandra.

    Once considered frail and sickly, Octavia's health has become rather robust in her middle age. She does not often admit to being ill, often referencing her time in the Northern Tower and her subsequent travels in Sundaril when brushing off her illnesses. However, bearing several children has left her with bones that are frequently sore, as well as back problems that often plague her in the mornings. Her hips have widened naturally from the amount of children she has had, but often pain her. She also continues to suffer from frequent headaches, as she did in her youth, but distracts herself from them with caring for her family. She never complains about her pains in public or around her children. Only Thomas, and her maidservant ever hear about her aches and pains.


  • Richard Beaumont:Father. Deceased. Octavia still cannot place her relationship with her father. He groomed her to be Queen of Liston and got extremely angry when she did not become the Queen. When her position became precarious, he often pressured her to win Prince Edward's affection. That pressure led to many tense arguments between Father and Daughter, especially after Octavia began to lose interest in being Queen. Richard later died in the Tower from illness. Octavia did not attend his funeral.
  • Rose Beaumont: Mother. Deceased. Octavia was the sixth of seven children. Her mother was frequently preoccupied with other children, though she did spend more time with Octavia due to Octavia's bid to be Queen. The failure of that endeavor left Octavia with a poor relationship with her mother that was never quite reconciled, though she still thinks well of her mother, understanding that the two share many traits.
  • Mary Hart: Sister. Deceased. Mary was already married off by the time Octavia was born. Octavia never knew her very well, but did not like her because of her scheming, manipulative ways. This dislike was further heightened by Octavia's rivalry with Mary's daughter, Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth Greystone: Niece. Octavia and Elizabeth were always rivals. Their rivalry came to it's head in their conflict over the affections of the Late King. Since he is no longer living, and Octavia married above Elizabeth in station, they no longer communicate.
  • Archer Greystone: Nephew-in-law. Archer married Elizabeth. Octavia doesn't talk to Elizabeth. Therefore Octavia doesn't talk to Archer either.
  • Susanna Greystone: Great-niece. Octavia is aware of this great-niece's existence, but she does not acknowledge her because of Elizabeth.
  • Constantine Hart: Nephew/Brother-in-law. Octavia never really liked her nephew, but has grown fonder of him due to his friendship with her husband. The two have formed a relationship of mutual respect, though they are not usually openly kind to each other.
  • Joan Hart: Niece-in-law/Sister-in-law. Deceased. Octavia never got along with Joan, seeing as Joan didn't approve of her marrying Thomas. Because Thomas disowned Joan from the family, Octavia hardly acknowledges her. However, Octavia does feel sorry for her and wishes that they could have gotten along.
  • Katherine Hart:Great-niece. Despite her less-than-amicable relations with her parents, Octavia is very kind to Katherine. She feels sorry for the poor girl and her predicament. Every birthday and Christmas, a lovely gift for Katherine always arrives from her Aunt.
  • Tiberius Hart: Great-nephew. Octavia is fond of this nephew, as he is very good friends with her eldest son. Whatever relationship she has with his parents, she is kind to him.
  • Hadrian Hart: Great-nephew. Octavia feels sorry for this one, having lost his mother so young. He is recently born, so Octavia does not know him very well yet, but she hopes that she can help fill the void left behind by his mother.
  • Helen Arundel: Sister. Deceased. Octavia was not very close to Helen, who married shortly after Octavia was born. She does bear some ill-feeling towards her sister, as Helen was the cause of her family's imprisonment and the downfall of the Beaumonts.
  • Richard Arundel: Nephew. Octavia loves Richard. He has always been one of her favourite nephews. Octavia visits him often, and he is always welcome at Rakeforth.
  • Amelia Arundel: Niece-in-law. Octavia, being close to Richard, is close to his wife as well. They were friendly-acquaintances before Amelia married Richard and have continued their friendship.
  • Saralynn Arundel: Great-niece. Octavia is Saralynn's godmother. The Arundel's are frequent visitors, so Octavia sees her niece often and almost always has something nice for her.
  • Elaine Arundel: Great-niece. Octavia always has love for her favourite nephew's children. Elaine is no exception. Octavia enjoys spoiling her niece. She is always welcome with the Blackwoods.
  • Alice Arundel: Great-niece. This youngest niece was a novelty at the time, since Octavia had only Alexandra, and a string of three boys at the time. When she was first born, Octavia enjoyed holding her, hoping that she would have another daughter.
  • Thomas Arundel: Nephew. Octavia is not as close to Thomas as she is to his older brother, but she loves him as her nephew just the same. However, she does not understand his rather bizarre behaviour and often keeps her children distanced from him. She hopes he does not show signs of madness as his mother did.
  • Hector Beaumont: Brother. Octavia loves her eldest brother. Unfortunately, he has fallen from favour and so they are not as close as they once were. Octavia often wishes that Hector would just leave the plotting and planning to her.
  • Thomasin Beaumont: Sister-in-law. Octavia was skeptical about Hector's marriage to Thomasin at first, but has grown to accept her. The two treat each other kindly, as sisters ought to, but do not share a particularly close bond.
  • Sofia Beaumont: Niece. Octavia dotes upon Hector's eldest. She often sets Sofia and Alexandra together, hoping that some of Sofia's graces will rub off on Alexandra. However, she also sees Sofia as a potential rival to Alexandra when they debut at court, though Octavia is sure it will be an amiable rivalry.
  • William Beaumont: Nephew. While not terribly well-acquainted with her nephew, Octavia is still a good Aunt to him. He is sure to receive presents from her consistently.
  • Ginevra Beaumont: Niece. Octavia is less close to Hector's younger daughter, having drifted away from the Beaumonts. However, as they are family, Ginevra can expect to be treated with kindness from her Aunt.
  • Edwin Beaumont: Brother. Edwin was once Octavia's favourite brother, though now she thinks him to be slightly immature. Octavia disapproves of his relationship with Felicity Byrd and often recommends that he return to his marriage.
  • Anne Beaumont:Sister-in-law. Octavia has sympathy for her sister-in-law. Octavia had the good luck of producing three sons, while Anne only has three daughters. Octavia was never close to this sister, but is willing to offer love and support due to Anne's predicament.
  • Edwin and Anne's Daughters: Nieces. Due to her strained relationship with their father, Octavia rarely sees his three daughters. They are, however, always welcome in her home. Octavia is most likely godmother to at least one of them.
  • Sistine Greystone: Sister. Deceased. Octavia was not close to Sistine particularly, even though they were close in age. They had been close for a little while, during times of crisis, but were also often rivals. Octavia was eight-months pregnant when Sistine died, and was not able to attend her funeral.
  • Jon Greystone: Brother-in-law. Knowing that they are on opposite sides, Octavia is careful about her relationship with the current King. She knows that if he likes her too much, she could raise suspicion from the Queen, but if he likes her too little, then it could endanger her plans. Octavia attempts to remain in his good graces, though she likes him well enough as a person as well.
  • Matthias Greystone: Nephew. Octavia is not particularly fond of Matthias. She knows that he could be a problem for her in the future, but she has not decided how to handle him yet. In any case, she keeps her children away from him.
  • Marie Seymour: Sister. Octavia is closest to her sister, Marie. They spent a great deal of their childhood together, being very close in age. They remain very close and Octavia often plays host to the Seymours. The two hope that their children will be close as they have been.
  • Robert Seymour: Brother-in-law. Octavia always liked her brother-in-law. She knows that he is an expert in politics and would like to have him on her side. However, knowing Robert's loyalties, she is not sure if she can actually trust her brother-in-law anymore. Nevertheless, she is still friendly to him, but makes no references to her loyalties in his presence.
  • Peter Seymour: Nephew. Octavia loves this shy little boy who is the absolute image of his mother. She often encourages him to make himself heard, but nonetheless always has a kind word for him. At first, Octavia was jealous as Marie had a son so quickly, and she had only a daughter, though this was quickly remedied.
  • Madeline Seymour: Niece. Octavia is Madeline's godmother, and loves her very much. However, Octavia is frequently frustrated by Madeline's behaviour. Despite this, Madeline is often a visitor and has become close to Octavia's oldest child, Alexandra, after staying the summer at Rakeforth.
  • Thomas Blackwood: Husband. Octavia loves her husband more than anyone else. She was lucky enough to find herself in a love-match that happened to be a good political match for her family. Her relationship with him is sometimes strained because of Octavia's politics and her unwillingness to be a conventional, submissive wife. However, they are still very much in love and devoted, as a partnership, to their children.
  • Alexandra Blackwood: Daughter. Octavia's pride and joy is her eldest daughter. Octavia is having Alexandra educated as she once was and is teaching her all the necessary arts to being a woman in power. Alexandra, however, is most definitely not as feminine as Octavia would like; Alexandra prefers riding, fencing and archery to traditional feminine arts. While Octavia pretends not to condone it, she allows it to continue in the home as she is uncertain what the future might bring for her children and wants none of them to stand vulnerable should it come to war.
  • Arthur Blackwood: Son. As the heir of Sistina, Octavia dotes upon her eldest son endlessly, spoiling him more than she should. However, Octavia was never fond of laziness, and frequently prods her eldest son to attend better to his studies so that he may rule Sistina properly. She fears that she is not getting through to him and that further action will need to be taken.
  • Richard Blackwood: Son. Knowing that her husband had only been a second son, Octavia is sure not to openly favour Arthur. As much as she dotes upon Arthur, she loves Richard as well. Richard is the quietest of her three sons, and the most bookish. She named him after her Nephew, not her father.
  • Charlotte Blackwood: Daughter. Deceased. Octavia's second daughter only lived for a few weeks. Charlotte had been born sick and had not been expected to live long anyways, but Octavia still loved her as a mother and still mourned her death.
  • Edwin Blackwood: Son. Octavia worries about her youngest son, as he is only third in line and she knows from experience the animosity that can brew between brothers. She sees him suited for the military and encourages him in his studies as she does all her children. She named him after her brother, though hopes he does not follow in Edwin's foolishness.
  • Annabella Blackwood: Daughter. Deceased. Octavia mourned Annabella incessantly until finding herself with child again. Annabella died at the age of two. Octavia had been desiring another daughter for a long time and was deeply saddened to lose one. She thought that perhaps her daughters had been cursed because of Beaumont ambitions to see their daughters as Queens.
  • Katherine Blackwood: Daughter. Octavia could not have been happier to have given birth to a healthy daughter. She spoils Katherine, who is just beginning to toddle along. Katherine is definitely more submissive than Alexandra, and will most likely be more inclined to feminine arts.
  • Isabella Blackwood: Daughter. The newest addition to the Blackwood family, Isabella is a little ball of sunshine. She is still too young to really show very many personality traits, but Octavia certainly loves her. However, Isabella's birth was difficult and left doubts as to whether or not Octavia would ever again have a healthy child. However, with three sons and three daughters, the Blackwoods are secure and there is no pressure on Octavia to have any more children.
  • Augustine Blackwood: Sister-in-law. Octavia loves and misses her eldest sister-in-law. They became very close during Octavia's voyages to Sundaril and was present for the birth of Alexandra. Octavia wishes she could visit Augustine in Sundaril, but knows that it would appear suspicious.
  • Nicholas Pewter: Brother-in-law. Octavia only met Augustine's present husband a few, brief times. She is glad that he and Augustine have been able to find happiness together. Though they do not know each other well, Octavia holds Nicholas in high regard.
  • Henry Blackwood: Nephew. Octavia knew Henry when he was much younger. She has not seen him in years, but is sure to send presents every holiday and always asks about him in letters.
  • Nicholas Pewter: Nephew. Octavia has never met Nicholas. Because she sends things for his older brother, she is always sure to send things to Nicholas too.
  • Clara Pewter: Niece. Octavia has never met Clara. Because she sends things to Clara's siblings, she is always sure to send presents for Clara too.
  • Rhys Blackwood II: Brother-in-law. Rhys hold a high position in Octavia's affections. He protected her while she was in Sundaril and has done a great deal for her and her family. The Lower House of Blackwood has an open invitation to Rakeforth and their families are very close.
  • Philippa Blackwood: Sister-in-law. Octavia is close to her Sundrili sister-in-law, having spent time together as their families are very close-knit. Octavia met Philippa during her third voyage to Sundaril and supported her during the family crisis when Rhys was considered a traitor.
  • Rhys Blackwood III: Nephew. Octavia loves her nephew who is a frequent guest in her home. He is good friends with her eldest son and once declared her to be the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. For this reason, he is one of her favourite nephews.
  • Lucetta Blackwood: Niece. Like Rhys III, Octavia is fond of Lucetta. While Rhys III is generally paired with Arthur and the other boys, Lucetta often gets stuck with Alexandra. Octavia sometimes feels sorry for Lucetta for that, because Alexandra can be a lot to handle, and usually ends up with the boys anyway.
  • Georgiana Somermet: Sister-in-law. Octavia loves Georgie. At first, they were not friends, but later developed a sisterly-bond. As a sign of acceptance, Georgiana redecorated the nursery at Rakeforth in Octavia's absence. Since then, the two have become close. Octavia often provides support for Georgiana in her struggle to have children.
  • Charles Somermet: Brother-in-law. Octavia saw this coming the minute they left Liston together. She thought it was far too long in coming too. Because she is close to Georgie, she is also closer to Charles than she had been before. She considers them both to be dear members of her family.

    June 24 1014

  • Birth: Octavia was born a very quiet baby. As the sixth living child of Richard and Rose Beaumont, she was welcomed as a girl, as the Beaumonts already had two healthy sons.
  • Fit for a King: When the King and Queen of Liston were delivered of a Prince almost exactly six months after Octavia was born, Duke Richard saw his chance. As the Beaumont family had traditionally supplied Queens for the Howards, he set Octavia to be the next Queen. Plans were made for the six-month-old girl's education. The Duke had plans: Edward would rule Liston, Octavia would rule Edward, and he would rule Octavia. Afterwards, Octavia was assumed to be the future Queen of Liston.
  • The Littlest Beaumont: On April 18, 1015, the youngest Beaumont, Marie, was born. Being very close in age to her elder sister, Marie was often Octavia's companion, though was frequently overshadowed by Octavia and her bid to be Queen.
  • Oooh, the Crazy One?: In 1023, when Octavia was only nine, she began having severe migraines. These migraines would persist through the remainder of her life. A severe emotional imbalance accompanied her migraines, making her extremely temperamental and prone to fits of rage, spiraling depressions and extreme happiness.
  • Riding Accident: When she was twelve, Octavia had an accident with a horse. A horse threw her and she cut her right shoulder in the fall. Afterwards, she had a pronounced dislike of horses that was not solved until years later, when Thomas Blackwood, her future husband, taught her to ride.
  • Shattered Dreams: In 1030, King Edwin announced his intentions to marry Edward to Princess Ophelia of Sundaril. Octavia, who had been raised to believe that she would someday be a Queen, was much less than pleased. Her father had a very unpleasant encounter with the King, further endangering the family's prospects. Octavia was set to action, appealing herself to the Crown Prince and destroying Princess Ophelia.
  • To Sundaril!: Octavia made her first trip to Sundaril in late 1030, sent to the Princess Alys after she ran to Sundaril at the prospect of marrying King Aldrin Seraphin. Here, Octavia worked to damage Ophelia and capture Edward.
  • Not Exactly Love at First Sight: After returning from Sundaril, Octavia became better acquainted with Thomas Blackwood, the second son of a Marquess who had been in love with her for years. She had met him before, but after becoming better acquainted with him, she grew to like him as well. He taught her to ride and drew her attention from Edward, much to the disappointment of Octavia's father.
  • Dancing Queen: On her seventeenth birthday, the Beaumonts threw a lavish party at the family estate, hoping to either catch the Crown Prince, or catch another suitor for the sixth Beaumont. Octavia used this event to pit two potential suitors, the Blackwood brothers, against each other. It became clear that Rhys was only interested in making Thomas jealous, but Octavia was still interested in her future husband. Later that evening, Octavia received her first kiss from the Crown Prince. This led to a series of rumors, causing a fight between Edward and Thomas Blackwood.
  • The Royal Wedding: In the fall of 1031, Edward married Ophelia. Octavia, who had become fast friends with Ophelia, came to support the match, having fallen in love herself with Thomas Blackwood. Everything looked like it was going to turn out for the better.
  • The Tower: In December, 1031, Octavia's sister, Helen, murdered King Edwin. Suspecting that other Beaumonts might be involved, Octavia was thrown in the tower, having a clear motive for murder. Octavia's father died in the Tower and is buried there. Octavia herself became gravely ill and was visited by Thomas Blackwood, who confessed his love to her. While Octavia definitely would have reciprocated, she attempted to push him away, believing that she was dying. The remaining Beaumonts were released within a month, and Octavia fled to Sundaril.
  • Marriage Plans: A few months after her release from the Tower and subsequent escape to Sundaril, Octavia was joined at the home of Aryith Severalli by Thomas Blackwood. The two consummated their relationship on Ary's library rug and become engaged. Rhys Blackwood II gave up his claim to Sistine, making Thomas the next Marquess upon the death of their Father. Octavia and Thomas returned to Liston, getting permission from King Edward and Octavia's brother to get married.
  • A Murder and a Wedding: In Fall 1032, King Edward was murdered. He died in Octavia's arms, something for which she has never forgiven herself. Octavia agreed to flee to Liston with Edward's new widow, who is newly with child. Believing herself to also be with child due to numerous, pre-marital, amorous encounters with Thomas, Octavia married Thomas on the deck of the ship that was to take her away to Sundaril.
  • Alexandra: On May 1, 1033, Queen Ophelia went into labor. Octavia, also heavily pregnant, attends on her laboring friend. However, Octavia quickly went into labor herself, and gave birth to her eldest child, a girl, who she named Alexandra. The Royal Twins, Callan and Arianna, were born a few hours later. Octavia and Ophelia, conspiring together, set out plans for Callan and Alexandra to marry someday.
  • Home: Almost a year after leaving him, Octavia was returned to Thomas, bringing their young daughter with her. Another child is quickly conceived, but Octavia miscarried after tumbling down the stairs after fighting with her husband. The couple soon reconcile and another child is conceived.
  • Arthur: Two years to the day after the late King's assassination, on August 19th, 1034, Octavia gave birth to a son and heir. Octavia and Thomas were overjoyed at his birth. This son became the shining star of Sistina, definitely his father's favourite.
  • Richard: Octavia's third child and second son was born in June of 1035, near Octavia's 21st birthday. By providing a second son for her family, she felt her position secured as the mother of the heir. However, this did not stop Octavia and Thomas, who always expected to have a large family. Octavia named Richard, not after her late father, but after her favourite nephew and friend, Richard Arundel.
  • Tragedy: In May 1036, Queen Ophelia Howard, dear friend of Octavia's, was killed during a riot. Octavia, who was pregnant again at the time, was not present when the Queen was killed, nor was she able to attend her former brother-in-law's coronation. Ophelia's death struck Octavia hard, and she spent many days in complete seclusion and mourning for her best friend. Octavia saw the murder of Ophelia as a sign that she had yet again failed to reconcile herself to the fate that had befallen the late King Edward.
  • Callan: Seeking to legitimize their claim to the throne, the Greystone-Howards have King Callan sent to a monastery, where many believe that he had been forced to take the vows of a monk. Octavia, however, intervened, using money from the vast Blackwood coffers to pay for Callan to be kept from ever taking the vows. She henceforth took a very secret role in his upbringing, funding some of his education and seeing to his wellbeing. Octavia vowed that she would place him back on his rightful throne in order to redeem herself for her own failures.
  • Charlotte: While all the politics was going on, Octavia was pregnant yet again. In September 1036, Octavia gave birth to a baby girl, her first girl since Alexandra. Having two sons already, Charlotte was a welcome addition, even if she was only a girl. However, tragedy struck the Blackwood family. Charlotte, having never been a strong child from birth, died of pneumonia at less than a month of life. Octavia was deeply saddened by the death of her child, this being the first child of hers that had not survived.
  • Edwin: A year after the birth of Charlotte, in September 1037, Octavia gave birth to a third son. Edwin was a very loud baby, but absolutely beloved by his mother. The birth of another healthy son marked her bounce back after the deaths of Queen Ophelia and Charlotte.
  • Annabella: Steady with her consistent production of children, Octavia's next child was born in October of 1038. A daughter was certainly welcome after the untimely death of Charlotte. Octavia had already become concerned for her eldest daughter, who had proved herself to be quite the tomboy, growing up surrounded by brothers, and welcomed increased feminine influence in the house. Annabella, however, was not a healthy child, and much of Octavia's time was taken up caring for the little girl.
  • Hunger Strike: In February 1039, due to shortages in food throughout the country, several peasants broke into Rakeforth searching for food. The Blackwoods had enough food, being able to import it from places that had had a better harvest. Octavia barricaded herself in the nursery with her youngest children. Octavia responded strongly, having food distributed to the people of Sistina the next day.
  • Farewell, Little Girl: Annabella, who had been a very sickly baby, was finally claimed by smallpox in February 1040. Many saw it as a long time in coming, and Octavia knew that the little girl's death was inevitable, but it did not mean that she did not mourn the loss of her child.
  • Katherine: Katherine was born in January 1041, the first healthy girl in a long string of unlucky Blackwood girls. She was quiet as a baby, and is growing up to certainly be the little Princess of the household, compared to Alexandra's learned tomboy.
  • Isabella: Isabella was born in March 1043. Her birth was very difficult for Octavia, who was left very damaged by the birth. There is a possibility that she may be unable to have children following the birth of Isabella, not that the Blackwoods really need any more children.

  • Edward Howard: deceased. Edward was Octavia's first love. She still feels deep guilt over his death, since once she may have had the power to have prevented it. She also feels guilty for the degeneration of their relationship in his final months and deeply regrets the fact that they never restored their friendship.
  • Ophelia Howard: deceased. Once her bitter rival, Ophelia became Octavia's best friend and ally after becoming Queen. Ophelia and Octavia often strategized politically and Octavia was an important advisor, albeit an unofficial one. It was Ophelia's wish that her son, King Callan, marry Octavia's daughter, Alexandra.
  • Alys Howard-Seraphin-Greystone: Octavia was once Queen Alys' lady-in-waiting, and once her future-sister-in-law. Despite all that has happened, Octavia still likes Alys well enough as a person, and wishes that they did not have to be political enemies (albeit secretly). Octavia does not wish Alys ill in any way, just that she would reinstate Callan's legitimacy and restore him to the succession at the very least.
  • Callan Howard: Callan was almost like a godson to Octavia. She regarded him as her future son-in-law and as her King. Octavia is among the only people outside of the Royal family who knows absolutely that Callan is alive. In fact, Octavia has paid off the monks of the monastery to keep Callan from taking the vows of a monk, and to see that he is well taken-care-of. Octavia's goal is to restore him to his rightful place on the throne someday, and to marry him to her eldest daughter.
  • Arianna Howard: Octavia feels deeply sorry for Arianna, the little orphaned girl who is 'kept' by Alys, almost as a prize or a pet. Octavia is always kind to her, and sometimes even speaks on the girl's behalf in order to ensure that she is well-cared-for, citing her closeness to the girl's parents. Octavia encourages Alexandra to be a friend to Arianna, but to be careful in expressing such friendship.

  • Ambitions:

    To see all of her children married off well.
    To raise Callan back to his rightful place as King of Liston.
    To see her daughter, Alexandra, as Callan's Queen.
    To forgive herself for the Late King's death.
  • Fears:

    Death in childbirth.
    Losing her husband before she is ready.
    That her family will suffer the same fate as her own, with many members accused of treason.
  • Likes:

    Wielding authority.
    Well-educated women.
    Being with her family, including her extended family.
  • Dislikes:

    Alys' claim to the throne of Liston.
    Her authority being questioned.
    Girls who only think of marriage and children, not of knowledge.
    Horses. Still, though she tolerates them now.
  • Deep, Dark Secret: Octavia blames herself for the death of Edward, whose name she will never repeat. She did love him once and believes that the restoration of his son to the Throne of Liston and his marriage to her daughter will bring her forgiveness. This is a fact that Octavia does not outwardly acknowledge, but has caused some strain on her relationship with her husband.


    As a woman who was bred to be a Queen, Octavia sure acts the part. However, she has transferred this authority to an authority over her large brood of children, to whom she is completely and utterly devoted. Unlike other mothers, Octavia oversees her children's education herself, ensuring that they all - including the girls - have the best education available to them. As much as she dotes on each of them, they are all tools in her own ambitions. Unlike some mothers, who only want to teach their children morals and how to be good, Octavia wishes to arm each of them with skills to rise in the world.

    Octavia is a complicated woman though. She is dedicated to her children in a way that most women are not, and is certainly more political than most other women in the world. She is fiercely stubborn and loyal above all other things, but she hides a deep guilt that has come to define her in many ways. It has occasionally led to brief periods of alienation between herself and her husband, and a strained relationship with her eldest daughter. Feigning true loyalty to the present monarchs, Jonathan and Alys, she knows that her true loyalty lies with Callan, though she keeps this a profound secret from all but close friends and allies.


    Octie .

    nineteen .

    seven or eight .


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